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    Trade Fairs
    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 4/1999 

    Specialized carpet trade fairs allow producers to explore tastes and requirements of potential buyers, note competition and trends and reinforce a national image, which helps generic promotion. Contact information is given below for major carpet trade fairs located in Europe.


    Interior Decoration and Home Textiles Trade Fair
    Date: 30 Jan.-2 Feb. 2000
    Frequency: Annual
    Location: Exhibition Centre Flanders Expo, Ghent
    Main Product Groups: Interior decoration and household linens
    Show Management: Textirama, Poortakkerstraat 90,
    BE-9051 Ghent, Belgium
    Tel.: 32-9 243 8450
    Fax: 32-9 243 8455
    E-mail: info@textirama.be
    Internet: http://www.textirama.be 


    Tapestry and Decorative Rug Exhibition
    Date: 13-17 Jan. 2000
    Frequency: Annual
    Location: Paris Expo Porte de Versailles
    Main Product Groups: Tapestries, decorative rugs
    Show Management: COSP, 22 ave. Franklin Roosevelt,
    FR-75008 Paris, France
    Tel.: 33-1 4076 4500
    Fax: 33-1 4563 7824
    E-mail: info@salondumeuble.com
    Internet: http://www.salondumeuble.com 


    World Trade Fair for Carpets and Floor Coverings
    Date: 15-18 Jan. 2000
    Frequency: Annual
    Location: Messegelände, Hannover
    Main Product Groups: Woven carpets, hand-made carpets
    Show Management: Deutsche Messe AG, Messegelände,
    D-30521 Hannover, Germany
    Tel.: 49-511 893 1213/15
    Fax: 49-511 893 1219
    E-mail: domotex@messe.de
    Internet: http://www.messe.de 

    International trade fair for floor, wall and window decoration; furniture fabrics for bed, bath, table and kitchen linens.
    Date: 12-15 Jan. 2000
    Frequency: Annual
    Location: Messegelände, Frankfurt
    Main Product Groups: Textile floor coverings
    Show Management: Messe Frankfurt GmbH,
    Postfach 150210,
    D-60062 Frankfurt/Main, Germany
    Tel.: 49-69 757 50
    Fax:49-69 757 56433
    E-mail: info@messefrankfurt.com
    Internet: http://www.messefrankfurt.de 

    European Trade Fair for Oriental Carpets
    Date: 10-12 Sept. 2000
    Frequency: Annual
    Location: Messezentrum, Nürnberg
    Main Product Groups: Hand-knotted oriental carpets and kilims, handwoven carpets, equipment and articles for the carpet supply trade
    Management: Nürnberg Messe GmbH,
    D-90471 Nürnberg, Germany
    Tel.: 49-911 860 6312
    Fax: 49-911 860 6580
    E-mail: info@nuernbergmesse.de
    Internet: http://www.nuremberg-tradefair.com 


    International Fair of Home Textiles and Decoration
    Date: 23-26 Jan. 2000
    Frequency: Annual
    Location: Feria Valencia
    Main Product Groups: Carpets are among the items featured.
    Show Management: Feria Valencia, Apartado 476, E-46080 Valencia, Spain
    Tel.: 34-96 386 1100
    Fax: 34-96 363 6111
    e-mail: feriavalencia@feriavalencia.com
    Internet: http://www.feriavalencia.com