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    International Trade Forum - Issue 3-4/2008 

    Global Summit of Women

    14 -16 May, 2009, Santiago, Chile
    The 2009 Global Summit of Women focuses on the emergence of women as political and business leaders. Now in its 19th year, this summit brings together women government ministers, corporate leaders and professionals from non-profit organizations to accelerate women's economic progress worldwide. Organizations representing nearly 400 000 women on six continents will participate.


    This business summit focuses on exchanging creative strategies forged by women leaders in different parts of the world, with a roundtable for women government ministers, business skill building sessions and strategies for business growth.

    Latin America is now seeing a growing number of women running countries, political parties, and powerful ministries.  In Asia, a new crop of female executives are leading large businesses and are helping to shape their countries' economies. In Europe and North America, women entrepreneurs are dramatically increasing in numbers. Whether in the public or private sector, women are creating new paradigms of leadership that will influence future generations.

    Help us expand ITC's Network 

    If your association or organization is focused on the economic empowerment of women through trade, and does not appear in this list, please email your contacts details and web-address to BusinessWomen@intracen.org If you are a consultant with expertise in gender and trade and would like to be added to our roster of consultants, please send your curriculum vitae to the email address above.