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    Coffee Experts Offer Online QandA Service


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 4/2006

    ITC's online question-and-answer (Q&A) service for coffee producers and exporters had answered 100 questions by July 2006, after a year in operation. It is unique in the coffee industry. Five coffee trade experts based on three continents respond to questions, with backing from 20 experts in areas such as certification, contracts, hedging, shipping and quality issues.

    ITC launched the service on its Coffee Guide web site.

    Visitors to the site can ask questions in English, French or Spanish and receive answers within one to two weeks. The service gives priority to questions from coffee-producing countries but answers questions from importing countries if they are of interest to coffee producers and exporters. All the answers are available in a trilingual archive.

    The Q&As, which numbered 122 in mid-November, cover a wide range of subjects. Below are some examples:

    • Can a geographical (district or area) name be trademarked?
    • Should desiccants (or dry-sacs) be used in containers?
    • Are the ECC Contract (Europe) and the GCA Contract (New York) valid for sales to markets outside Europe and North America, particularly Japan?
    • If a container is formally opened and resealed, can a receiver reject it?
    • What are the credit risks involved in direct sales?
    • Does delayed shipment due to lack of shipping space constitute Force Majeure?
      For more information, visit the Coffee Guide web site or contact Morten Scholer, ITC Senior Market Development Adviser, at scholer@intracen.org