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    Changing "Brand Africa"(4)


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2007

    In tourist offices, the most frequent images of Africa are those of safari animals. In the news, the tragedy of several conflicts lingers. On film screens, African conflict diamonds take centre stage in a Hollywood movie.

    This image of Africa does not reflect its economic diversity, entrepreneurial aspirations or the optimism that goes with rising investment, growth and greater stability."Brand Africa" is in need of a change if Africa is to take its rightful place in world markets.

    The articles below, from ITC, UNCTAD and IMF contributors, are the first in the series of stories on Changing "Brand Africa" that will be featured on this site.

    Coming up:

    Who's Doing Business in Africa?

    A collection of inspirational business models, reflecting the economic mosaic of Africa.

    Aid for Trade Partnerships

    Stories of initiatives that span cities, countries and regions. They illustrate the range of partnerships that are possible to help Africans build their capacity to supply international markets.