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    Canadian exporters get access to TradeMap


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2004

    Through a partnership between ITC and Team Canada Inc., Canadian exporters and trade professionals now have access to TradeMap, a powerful strategic market research and trade development tool.

    Developed by ITC, TradeMap provides detailed export and import profiles and trends in a user-friendly format for more than 5,300 products in 200 countries and territories.

    TradeMap can be used to analyse markets, select priority countries for export diversification, review the performance of competing countries and assess opportunities for product diversification by identifying existing and potential trade between countries.

    The information contained in TradeMap is based on COMTRADE.

    For more information about TradeMap, contact Friedrich von Kirchbach, Chief, ITC Market Analysis Section, at vonkirchbach@intracen.org