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    Call for Your Photos - ITC: 40 Years of Trade Development


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 4/2003

    Do you have a photo that illustrates "ITC: 40 Years of Trade Development"?

    As part of our 40th anniversary coverage in Trade Forum magazine, we will feature the best of your photos that illustrate your trade development efforts with ITC over the past 40 years. Winning photos will appear in our magazine, on our Internet site and at ITC headquarters. A small prize will be awarded to

    the winners.

    To submit your photos

    1. Please send photos only as attachments to an e-mail, to forum@intracen.org
    2. The e-mail should contain attached 300 dpi (high resolution), high-quality jpg scans. Do not attach more than three photos per e-mail.
    3. Up to six photos may be submitted per person (that is, two e-mails with three attachments each).
    4. In the body of the e-mail, please send us a caption for each photo. The caption should contain, in this order: date; location; full name, title and organization of each person in the photo, from left to right, if possible; and a short explanation of what the photo is about.
    5. Deadline: please send as soon as possible and until 30 June 2004. Photos will be judged on a rolling basis. (Judges will be the Trade Forum editorial team.)