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    Buyers-Sellers Meeting


    Pharmaceutical Companies Meet at UNCTAD X
    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2001 

    On the occasion of UNCTAD X (Bangkok, February 2000), ITC organized a buyers-sellers meeting among pharmaceutical companies. The meeting was the culmination of extensive preparatory work, starting with trade-flow analyses and followed by detailed supply and demand surveys in 13 countries of South and South-East Asia.

    Over 600 one-on-one meetings were scheduled among 75 participants. In their negotiations, participants focused on establishing strategic alliances across national borders in order to face the challenges of global competition. "For an SME from a least developed country, the meeting is a very cost-effective means to establish new regional business links," Hari Bhakta Sharma, head of a Nepalese pharmaceutical company, told participants in a presentation at UNCTAD X. Mr. Sharma branded his participation as "successful", noting that he initiated negotiations with a number of distributors from his region for his product.

    At the evaluation session of the meeting, all participants reported that the event had been an eye-opener, revealing many new opportunities for intra-regional business cooperation.

    For more information, contact Hendrik Roelofsen, Senior Adviser, Regional Trade Development, at roelofsen@intracen.org