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    b prod capabProducing for an international market needs a special preparation since many market factors are difficult to identify. 

    This module highlights the specificities of each market that must be met in order to win over the customers you target. After reviewing this module, you may have a clear understanding of domestic volumes demanded, as well as quality, time and cost expectations. 


    ITC has developed this learning course as part of its continuing mission to develop and improve world trade, especially for developing countries and women entrepreneurs. The specialist authors have drawn from their experience and from the learning gained from respected works used in their personal development to enable you to:   
    • Know what “production capability” means and what specific factors your organization must consider when producing for an international market;
    • Understand the importance of knowing each of  your markets thoroughly and how to adapt production to suit their specific needs; 
    • Learn how to modify your company’s operations, production processes and facilities in order to handle an increased demand for your product;
    • Discover methods in which your organization can become more cost competitive.