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    Bolivian Students Learn about Trade


    International Trade Forum - Issue 3/2007, © International Trade Centre

    © Universidad Mayor De San Simón

    Interview - Guido Cespedes

    Readers should comment on Trade Forum articles in their local media, this professor says.

    For 20 years, Guido Cespedes has given classes and conferences on trade in cities all over Bolivia. Since discovering Trade Forum, he has used it in his teaching work. A next step will be to bring trade issues out of the classroom and into the wider world.

    Mr Cespedes is a professor of economic development and international trade at the Universidad Mayor de San Simón in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The university has 56,000 students.

    Q: How long have you been reading our magazine?

    A: Since 1999. I use Trade Forum in my course materials on international trade and economic development, which I teach at university level. The magazine articles help me to show my students successful cases that they can use as examples and for motivation. I also draw on the articles for comparative analyses of countries, products and services. Finally, they keep us up to date on new themes and services related to international trade.

    Q: Do you prefer the print or the online version?

    A: I prefer the online version.

    Q: Was there a subject or issue of the magazine that was of particular interest, and why?

    A: All the themes are very interesting and important but my particular interest is electronic commerce. I think e-commerce is an essential tool to promote trade in countries like Bolivia, which need to increase and diversify their exports by adding value and greater use of technology and skills.

    Q: Are there any subjects you would like to see addressed in Trade Forum?

    A: For countries like Bolivia, it would be very useful to look more closely at the mechanisms and operating procedures of fair trade as a way to reduce poverty, diversify exports and gradually increase the use of technology and skill in the products and services we offer.

    Q: What would be the best way for these articles to reach readers in Bolivia?

    A: One way is by using Trade Forum articles to support research and analysis in university classes. Based on my own experience, I believe this is a very effective method. As an additional way to collaborate, though, we should provide comments on the articles - in non-technical language - for publication in mass media like the press, radio and television. Regarding this interview, I will personally take up my second suggestion and put it into practice in Bolivia.