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    At Your Service: Forum on the Internet


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2001 

    Earlier this year we launched a new Forum magazine web site to better serve you, our readers. You have several advantages when you view the magazine on the web site. It is faster and easier for you to receive news and trends and to search for specific information. The site provides new opportunities to express your views. And it also gives you the possibility to increase the visibility of your own trade-related publications.

    Faster delivery 

    New issues of the magazine now appear on the web as soon as they are completed - even before they are "hot off the (printing) press"! If you would like to know when a new electronic issue is available, simply sign up for our e-mail headlines service. You will automatically receive a short e-mail, four times a year, stating when a new issue is available and what the key articles are. You can also receive these services in more than one language.

    Link your publications to the Forum site 

    Do you have an online trade-related magazine, newsletter or journal that Forum readers would find of interest? If so, we encourage you to link it to the Forum web site, using the Links Index contained on the bottom left-hand navigation bar. It is simple - all you need to do is take 30 seconds to fill in an online form giving details of your publication. You can also submit an electronic banner to advertise your site. Editors of all trade-related publications are welcome to apply for a link.

    Your positive response 

    Your positive response to our new service has been encouraging. We have received many encouraging e-mails, and the site is growing in popularity. The magazine site attracted 50,000 hits in March and 75,000 hits in April. By May, readers from nearly 80 countries had logged on, looking for articles on international trade, networking, e-commerce and trade promotion organizations, to name but a few.

    In response to our first poll question, "Will the Internet stimulate development in poorer countries?", the majority (78%) said yes. Of these, 51% were an unqualified yes, and 27% said "yes, but not much". There were 14% who replied no, and 8% who thought it was too early to tell. (Be sure to vote in our current poll, which asks, "Will businesses in developing countries be at a disadvantage when they take environmental issues into account, or will it make them more competitive?")

    Some of you are also taking advantage of the new site in order to bring Forum articles and news to your own readership.

    Reprinting articles on your web site 

    We actively encourage print and electronic reprints of Forum articles, in order to share information with as many readers as possible. New technologies make it is easier than ever to disseminate Forum articles to your own readers. Please adhere to our new guidelines to reprint our articles on your web site:

    Do's and don'ts 

    - Please do reprint the title, author and first paragraph of the article on your site.

    - Please do mention the source, as follows: "Source: Trade Forum, published by the International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO".

    - Please do make a link to the full article on the Forum site. Please do not simp-ly cut and paste the article in full.

    - Prior permission from ITC is not necessary. Please do, however, send an e-mail (to domeisen@intracen.org) to let us know that you have included an ITC magazine article on your site. It helps us understand which articles are of the greatest interest to readers.

    How to's 

    This type of web reprint is as easy as one, two, three.

    - One, to find the relevant article: Go to http://www.tradeforum.org and check the navigation bar (left-hand column) to find the relevant magazine issue or topic. The navigation bar also includes a search function.

    - Two, to copy the article title and summary: Your search will lead you to the article title and summary paragraph, which you can cut and paste on to your site.

    - And three, to insert a link for the full article: At the bottom of the summary paragraph, click on the "Read more..." link. This will take you to a web page which displays the text of the full article. Insert the web address of this page as the link to your own page. (The web address of the page should look like this: http://www.tradeforum.org/news/fullstory.php/aid/X.html, with X representing the number of the relevant article.)

    Your feedback
    We welcome your comments and suggestions. Write to domeisen@intracen.org