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    A Guide for Mexican Trade Networks


    International Trade Forum - Issue 3/2007, © International Trade Centre


    Interview - Gabriel Barrera

    For this reader, views that aren't covered in official trade development reports are a plus.

    Gabriel Barrera is Executive Director for International Promotion of Mexico's recently established trade and investment promotion agency, ProMexico. With a career spanning all aspects of trade development, Mr Barrera is interested in a wide range of themes covered in Trade Forum.

    Q: How long have you been reading our magazine?

    A: It's been more than ten years. I use Trade Forum as a guide for what is happening in other parts of the world. I share stories with my collaborators according to their different specializations and interests.

    Q: Do you prefer the print or the online version?

    A: Both - one can't always be in front of a screen, and the print version is easy to carry and comment on with others.

    Q: Was there a subject or issue of the magazine that was of particular interest, and why?

    A: I've been in charge of practically all areas of work of a trade promotion organization in 21 years with Bancomext (and now with ProMexico), so all the themes are of interest.

    I'm most interested in good practices and new approaches in imports and exports - the "non-written" and "non-said" tips that one doesn't get from official meeting reports.

    Q: What would be the best way for these articles to reach readers in Mexico?

    A: In a first phase, with the print edition, then with the online version.

    • Send copies to private and state-led trade promotion bodies.
    • Make ITC and what it stands for better known - perhaps that is more part of our work.
    • Make sure each ProMexico official in Mexico and in external and internal networks receive a copy of the magazine.


    Launched in May 2007, ProMexico is a new agency for the promotion of Mexican trade and investment.

    A partnership between federal, state and local governments, along with the private sector, the agency is part of a new Secretariat of Economy strategy to coordinate development and promotion efforts and activities.

    ProMexico aims to more than double the exports it promotes to $5.25 billion and increase foreign direct investment in the country by more than threefold by 2012. It seeks to position Mexico among those countries that receive more than $20 billion in foreign direct investment per year.

    ProMexico will finance projects designed to open new markets and niches for Mexican products and services, and promote foreign trade and investment, with a startup budget of $74 million.

    ProMexico is taking over some of the responsibilities of Bancomext, the Mexican Bank for Foreign Trade. The agency will continue to work closely with Bancomext, which focuses on promoting the exports of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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    For more information, seewww.promexico.gob.mx