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  • Interview - Gabriel BarreraFor this reader, views that aren't covered in official trade development reports are a plus.

    From bringing post-war societies to life, to public attitudes on trade and major export success stories from developing countries - trade stories are reaching new audiences through major online media, web-based discussions, blogs ­- and even phones.

    Interview - Guido CespedesReaders should comment on Trade Forum articles in their local media, this professor says.

    Interview - Olena Navas PérezTechnical information and case studies from around the world help this trade promotion leader stay on top of trade trends.

    The Trade Forum editorial team shares the magazine issues that marked them the most. Topics such as women in the economy, NGOs in trade development and written versus visual journalism are among the team's favourites.

    Interview - Yu PingInformation about trade promotion skills and methodologies helps this reader develop programmes for Chinese firms.

    Interview - João Bernardo VieiraBusiness success stories from other countries emerging from conflict can help inspire and motivate entrepreneurs in Guinea-Bissau.

    Interview - Slim ChakerA specialTrade Forum edition on exporting services, co-produced with this reader, supported an international services fair in Tunisia.

    Interview - Hans-Peter EglerLabour, South-South trade and sustainable specialty products are topics this regular reader would like to see covered.

    ITC has been listening to its networks to find innovative solutions to create sustainable jobs through trade.Over the years we've heard from trade promotion specialists who improved their skills, professors who used articles in their classes and entrepreneurs who spotted new business opportunities. This feedback is encouraging, and helps us focus on subjects you want to read. Expanding our new feature "Meet Our Readers", we interviewed readers to find out how they use Trade Forum and what they would like to see showcased in future editions.

    With an original voice on the issues of the day, from back office operations to trade talks and ethical fashion, the magazine online offers content for a range of users.

    A behind-the-scenes look at Trade Forum's online audience may spark ideas to boost traffic on your own sites. It can also help you better select content by understanding where your own web audiences may match with those of Trade Forum.

    International Trade Forum - Issue 3/2007, © International Trade Centre In the business world, making decisions or transacting deals successfully is impossible without trade intelligence. In developing countries, we can see that the lack of targeted information is an obstacle to growing trade. The following 11

    If there is one thing that trade development professionals asked of ITC at its recent events, it was trade intelligence.One of the ways ITC provides trade intelligence is through Trade Forum magazine. Readers can find information about new markets, national export strategies, inspirational business cases and reporting on broader trends where trade contributes to reducing poverty. Stories below give ideas on how to adapt and reuse Trade Forum articles for your own networks. In recent years, readers from trade support institutions have often asked us how to do this. These articles are relevant for managers of trade information and publishing programmes targeted to small business exporters, educators or developers of online interactive content (discussions or blogs) on export competitiveness or development issues, and managers of trade advocacy programmes.