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    World Trade Promotion Organization Conference and Awards 2010


    International Trade Forum - Issue 4/2009

    The 8th version of the TPO Network World Conference and Awards will be hosted by ProMexico in Mexico City, Mexico on 14-15 October 2010. The biennial conference will bring together global leaders of trade promotion organizations (TPOs) and other major trade support institutions (TSIs) to discuss their common concerns and recognize TPOs that excel in their export development practices.

    The conference, organised by TPOs for TPOs is a key forum to address issues relevant to their work. The 2010 conference will focus on the need for effective measurement and reporting on the outcomes of trade development and promotion initiatives offered by public TSIs. This topic is a growing concern for TPOs, as governing bodies are increasingly challenging them to show greater effectiveness with fewer resources.

    Addressing the challenges of recording and reporting outcomes and impact has been high on the agenda of TPOs and governments for more than a decade, but pressure has increased significantly in the past two years. Proving the effectiveness of initiatives and demonstrating that they are constantly working to improve their impact over time still remains problematic for TPOs. This is mainly due to the lack of a globally accepted standard for measuring and reporting the outcomes and impact of trade promotion and development initiatives against the use of resources.

    The conference aims to bring this issue to the fore with the presentation of a standardized approach. Leaders of the TPO global network community will have the opportunity to work together to resolve this crucial challenge.

    AWARDS 2010

    Following in the tradition of the last three conferences, the 2010 TPO Network Award winners will be honoured during the gala dinner on 14 October.

    To strengthen these awards, ITC is introducing new procedures to standardize the application process and facilitate the adjudication process. The new approach provides a more detailed and specific approach to evaluating TPOs initiatives to strengthen SMEs in their quest to become export-ready. ITC will be offering support to all applicants throughout the duration of the application process. With these changes to the process, more entries are expected, promising a healthy competition.

    Further details concerning the 2010 TPO Network World Conference and Awards will be released shortly.

    For more information visit: www.tpo-net.com