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    Trade Online: New Web Resources


    International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2009

    ITC offers a wealth of online resources on trade development topics. Among new sites online:

    ITC is '100% Aid for Trade'

    Aid for Trade, which helps developing countries to build trade-related skills and infrastructure to boost exports and benefit from international trade accords, is even more vital in this current economic crisis. As part of the second Aid for Trade review led by the World Trade Organization, ITC is mobilizing the voice of the private sector in regional and global Aid for Trade meetings. Web pages include the international calendar of Aid for Trade reviews, ITC position papers, success stories and recommendations.

    See www.intracen.org/aidfortrade

    Empowering Women - Powering Trade

    To contribute to mainstreaming the participation of women in trade, ITC has launched a new online portal dedicated to women and trade. This one-stop gateway to ITC initiatives, events and articles also has links to broader events and information resources to bridge the gender gap through trade.

    See www.intracen.org/womenandtrade

    Market Analysis Tools: Enhancing Market Access

    Continuously updated, ITC's market analysis web portals offer valuable information for exporters and trade policy-makers. The Trade Map, Market Access Map, Investment Map, Trade Competitiveness Map and Product Map are available free of charge to users from developing countries and users from ITC partner institutions.

    See www.intracen.org/marketanalysis

    Boosting Romanian Exports Online

    Romanian exporters now have better access to international business opportunities in an online site launched by the Romanian government, with the help of ITC. The new site links the local business community to markets in Europe and other parts of the world, and brings greater visibility for Romanian products and services.

    See www.portaldecomert.ro

    More online at THE ITC website

    Readers will note that the ITC website is continuously being updated to reflect its new brand and strategic direction. Check especially our pages on recent flagship events, the World Export Development Forum and the World Conference of Trade Promotion Organizations, for a wealth of information and insight on trade topics and best practices in export development.