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    Quality, risk, commitment: how exporters break the glass ceiling


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2001

    "Developing countries need to build a 'quality culture' and to have better information on quality requirements. Individual organizations need to come forward and [provide] for cheaper costs of certification, as my organization is offering for organic products."

    Elena Repetto, Colombia, in the ITC e-Discussion

    "Before exporting, you have to produce, and produce well."

    Nancy Abeid Arahamane, camel's milk entrepreneur from Mauritania, in the e-Discussion

    "Market access and an export incentive package may help an enterprise in getting into the export market, but this cannot be sustained if the products fail to leave an impression on buyers and the entrepreneur's dealings are not business-like."

    Abu Alam Chowdhury, Managing Director and CEO, Conexpo, handicrafts and giftware exporter, Bangladesh

    "An element of risk-taking has to be there. Otherwise no matter how bright the idea is, it can never be tested and proved."

    Dasho Tshewang Penjore, proprietor, Chaharu Tsongdrel, red rice exporter, Bhutan