International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2010

    Online resources for the latest climate change news, updates, publications and practical tools.

    Gateway to the UN's work on climate change

    The UN portal on climate change offers comprehensive information about the work in progress throughout the UN system to tackle climate change issues. The site includes latest news, updates on the status of negotiations and links to related publications.


    CDM Bazaar

    The UNFCCC's CDM Bazaar web-based tool serves as a platform for the exchange of information on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project opportunities. It aims to provide information on proposed CDM project activities in need of funding and on investors seeking opportunities. The key objective of the Bazaar is to facilitate the creation of an efficient global CDM market through sharing information related to project activities and transactions of Certified Emissions Reductions among stakeholders worldwide.


    ISO and climate change

    In response to the challenges of climate change, government and multi-stakeholder initiatives are being developed to limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through various regulatory schemes and incentive programmes. For these initiatives to work, clear and consistent standards are required to enable the quantification, monitoring, reporting and verification of GHGs. ISO's dedicated climate change web page presents standards offering practical tools for addressing climate change.


    Climate change and the coffee industry

    While climate change is just one of numerous factors that may affect global coffee production, the International Coffee Organization considers it will be one of the most important for smallholders. ITC's publication looks at looks at short-term solutions and long-term strategies to ensure coffee producers are better prepared in addressing the impact of climate change.


    Organic agriculture

    Organic agriculture has much to offer as a resilient and productive system for adaptation strategies in terms of climate change mitigation. ITC's Organic Link web portal serves the organic business communities by connecting exporters and importers of organic products through its database of business contacts. It also contains a wealth of information about organic products and markets.