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    Creative industries: Publications and online resources


    International Trade Forum - Issue 3/2009

    Interactive web portal: Connecting creative communities

     Artisanconnect is an interactive web portal, launched with the support of ITC and the Netherlands' Centre for Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI), to connect artisans and experts in creative and indigenous crafts and provide them with a platform for sharing their experiences and information. While initial content was provided by ITC, the success of the portal, which is based on Web 2.0 technology, will depend on its users who have easy access to adding or modifying content. The aim is to encourage the exchange of information about craft markets, new technologies, designs and events, which has been scarce so far, particularly for French-speaking users (the portal is available in French and English).


    Africa inspires: Ethical fashion

    ITC's Africa Inspires web page features stories about African communities involved in the Ethical Fashion Programme, which illustrate a new approach to fashion and poverty reduction in disadvantaged communities. The project focuses on the high-value, designer and luxury goods sector to encourage international fashion companies to develop product lines that incorporate skills and materials from Africa, its communities and its designers.


    Cotton to Clothing portal

    The new portal dedicated to cotton and the clothing industry outlines ITC's approach to trade competitiveness in the sector of "cotton to clothing" from a holistic value-chain perspective. The site features a wealth of information on sourcing, textiles and clothing associations and certifying bodies, and training institutions, as well as links to latest publications, statistics and information about ongoing ITC projects in the sector.


    Digital Content report

    The Digital Content: Trade in Sounds report assesses the export potential of digital music from developing countries and recommends ways to help them export digital music. The report includes seven country reviews and shows that the export of digital content (films, animation, pictures, photos, etc.) and, in particular, online music, has untapped potential to become a new revenue stream for the economy of developing countries.


    Intellectual property and creative industries

    The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) set up its creative industries division in 2005, in response to the growing interest and needs of its member states to address the economic and cultural developmental impact that intellectual property policies and practices have on the creative industries. WIPO's web page on creative industries provides relevant case studies, publications and research papers.


    International Trade Statistics 2009

    The World Trade Organization's International Trade Statistics 2009 offers a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in world trade, with an assessment of world trade flows by country and region, and covers the details of merchandise trade by product and trade in commercial services by category. The report is an invaluable reference for researchers, policy-makers and anyone interested in international trade.