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    Caribbean leaders call for emphasis on Aid for Trade


    International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2009 

    The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the World Trade Organization met in Montego Bay, Jamaica, in May for the Second Regional Aid for Trade Review for Latin America and the Caribbean. The Review followed up on progress made in implementing Aid for Trade since the First Review in Lima, Peru in September 2007.


    Talks warned against the threat of protectionism, stressing that it is imperative that trade continues to flow in the region to mitigate crisis. The Jamaica meeting was a prelude to a global review of Aid for Trade results, which will take place in early July in Geneva.

    The Prime Minister of Jamaica Bruce Golding called for a more clearly defined framework for the Aid for Trade programme and said there is need for clarity as to the relationship and the impact of trade provisions with bilateral arrangements. He also said that within Aid for Trade there is still a disproportionate emphasis on the capacity to administer trade rather than the capacity to enhance and benefit from that enhancement.

    'Countries which need to benefit from this, need to do much more than we have been prepared to do up to now. Our priorities have not been aligned with the global trading realities. We have not made sufficient effort to sensitize our private sector on the critical leadership role they will need to play in that process,' he said.

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